Welcome to my blog, Anj’s Adventures! My name is Anjali, and I’m a high school student in the IB MYP Program. This blog is part of my Personal Project – a culminating project to develop the student’s personal interest and to show and apply their skills. (via ISUtrecht). This isn’t all just work – I’ve always loved online communities that are created because of things like blogs, and I am so excited to create my own!

About this blog

As stated above, my blog is a part of my Personal Project. But for my Personal Project, I wanted to explore aspects of my life that I’ve always wanted to improve, but never knew how.

For years, I have struggled with my identity. I was bullied in elementary school – not in the outright, confrontational way, but in other ways like social exclusion, walking alone on the sidewalk behind your friends. While it severely impacted my mental health, it carried over into other parts of my life that hurt even more. I was naive about it for most of my life. Everyone says ignorance is bliss, and you never realize how true it is until you lose it.

Realizing what I’ve been through, and acknowledging it for what it is, was the hardest part. But I know I want to get better, and get help. I began seeing my therapist a few weeks before we learned about the Personal Project, and it was one of the best things that have happened to me.

However, I still yearn to do better every day, in many aspects. For the Personal Project, we had to make it about something that related to the community or the world around us, or something that encourages and cultivates personal growth. I started to think about what I could do, that could help me work towards where I want to be in life while being able to help others at the same time.

My blog will be aimed to show you the progress on my journey to improve my life to help you start your own. It takes a lot of motivation and determination to start your own journey. I know what goes into it, and I myself find solace in looking into others lives to find ways to start. I know, and I want to motivate and help you to do the same!

About me

Besides watching as much Netflix as the next teenager, I enjoy a lot of other activities! I am an avid reader. My all time favorite book series is either Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas or the infamous Harry Potter series by the lovely J.K. Rowling. I mostly read fantasy, YA fiction, and mystery. If you have a suggestion for me, feel free to comment!

I’m also a bit of a stationery addict. I love pens, my favorite being the Pentel Energel RTX in 0.5. I own too many to count at this point! I just enjoy the feeling you get when writing with a great pen, it’s addicting. Additionally, I love fancy writing paper and craft paper as much as the next girl. I may seem crazy talking about this, but you will understand if you ever dive into the stationery world.

I do calligraphy/lettering, I love spending time with my dog and I, above all else, love the rain. It’s my favorite type of weather, and one of my favorite things on Earth. Rain and cold weather? Yes please! I also love video games and music.

What you can expect

While this blog was created as part of a project, it still is a very fun and exciting opportunity for me to share parts of my life with you guys!

Here’s what you can expect on Anj’s Adventures:

  • A weekly mental health recap/lifestyle post every Wednesday.
  • A weekly fitness and meal post every Friday.
  • Self-care Sunday – weekly posts on Sunday about self-care and ways you can take care of your soul and body.
  • Music Monday – weekly posts on Monday for my curated playlist of the week! You can see the Music Monday playlists on my Spotify.
  • Various posts about food, product picks, events in my life, tips, etc.
  • A new friend! Part of my reason to create a blog was to connect with and help others to improve their life. I’d always love to talk to someone new! If you ever need advice (for anything), don’t hesitate to ask! And even if you don’t need anything, I’d love to chat.


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Thank you!

– Anj ♡

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