Friday Fitness #2 – Struggling

Welcome back to my Friday Fitness blog series!

As a part of my blog and my IB Personal Project, I wanted to focus on leading a healthier life, both physically and emotionally. I have always struggled in these aspects due to both self-negligence and just the factors around me. But I wanted that to CHANGE with this project.

This will catalog my progress over a series of 4-5 weeks. By no means am I expecting drastic change as I am not making drastic changes myself? Mostly, I am just looking to start something that will help me in the long term and keep myself motivated.

Read below on how my second week went and how I dealt with a bit of burnout.

The second week

What I did good on

This week, I really excelled at getting done with my workouts. No matter how sluggish or lazy I was, when I got in the gym and got started on my workouts, I finished it in record time. I really focused on just completing the workouts quickly and efficiently as possible. I did keep the same workout routine I had set for myself, so I found the exercises much easier to repeat this time.

I also kept up my “diet” and limited my snacking throughout the week. I caved in once and got Chick-fil-a, but no one will know. It’s all about balance. I hope I can work at Chick-fil-a so I’ll grow tired of their food before I cave in and cheat again.

What I struggled with

Burnout. I lacked so much motivation this week that it was crazy. I recently got a puppy at the beginning of summer, and I love her to death. But the only thing is, she is lazy like me. She doesn’t promote the new lifestyle I am trying to lead by going on long walks.

On a serious note, I just struggled in general on trying to actually commit to my workout routine, and it wasn’t because of my puppy. I don’t know what it was, but my energy was just very lacking and no matter what I did I couldn’t focus on actually committing to my tasks and seeing them through. It wasn’t just even in relation to my fitness- other tasks like chores around the house.

I have to give kudos to my mom and dad for forcing me to go to the gym every day this week because they knew how important both this project and my health was to me. They really pushed me and gave me the motivation that I needed to go to the gym and actually do everything I needed to.

What I want to improve on

Focus on my commitment and motivation, and find fun in it. I think a part of the reason why I struggled so much this week was that I unconsciously began to view this as a chore that needed to be complete, similar to a homework assignment. I want to work on finding new ways that make this interesting and fun for me! I will probably try to cut back on my workouts and run more during the weekend. I love running, so maybe that can fix it!

What I am dropping

Altering my workout routine to be less intense. Probably trimming off one set off of all of the exercises to conserve my muscle strength and limit strain. Also, try substituting some things for meditation.


This week was very hard, but I battled through it and stuck to the promises I made. I want to focus on finding a workout routine that is fun for me, while still meeting the criteria I need it to in order to see the change I want. Hopeful for next week.

Thank you for reading my second Friday Fitness post. Check back next week to read on my progress!

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