Friday Fitness #3 – A new routine

Welcome back to my Friday Fitness blog series!

As a part of my blog and my IB Personal Project, I wanted to focus on leading a healthier life, both physically and emotionally. I have always struggled in these aspects due to both self-negligence and just the factors around me. But I wanted that to CHANGE with this project.

This will catalog my progress over a series of 4-5 weeks. By no means am I expecting drastic change as I am not making drastic changes myself? Mostly, I am just looking to start something that will help me in the long term and keep myself motivated.

Read below on how my third week went after I revamped my workout routine

The third week

What I did good on

This week, I swapped out my regular gym and weigh machine exercises for some pure cardio and Planet Fitness’s 30 minutes Full Body workout circuit room. I enjoyed this routine much more than the previous one, and actually had fun exercising again.

I also do around 30 minutes of cardio on the weekend, so I am working out during the whole week when I can. I missed two days this week due to my period/lack of energy, and even though I should have worked out I just physically couldn’t pull myself out of bed. I made up for it on the days I did work out, always running the extra half a mile and doing the extra rep.

What I struggled with

I feel as if my weight and my body is at a plateau. While I have come to love and appreciate my body, everyone wants to drop a few pounds here and there. This is a secondary goal of my project and my journey, which would be a byproduct of my first goal which is to be more physically healthy.

However, I feel like I am seeing no progress at this point. I’ve lost about 3.5 pounds since I started, and I don’t think I am losing much more. Perhaps it is a result of switching my workout routine, but my new one is much more enjoyable than the last.

What I want to improve on

Managing what I eat. I have given into my urges more than a few times this past week and perhaps that is why my weight is staying at a plateau rather than a consistent decline (of half a pound of weight loss). I don’t want to resort to calorie counting or throwing out my junk food in order to reduce my chances of relapsing and giving in to an urge. I just have to stay determined and mindful next week. Everything is good in moderation.

What I am dropping

I dropped my old workout routine this week, and I definitely feel as if it was a good decision. This is the only thing that I have actually “stopped” doing in the past week, and I can’t think of anything else that I want to stop doing as I go onto the fourth week.


This week was much smoother than last, and I feel really good about the new workout routine I have made. It allows me to have fun while also meeting my goals. I just have to watch out for pesky junk food and snacking urges, and remember to moderate myself.

Thank you for reading my third Friday Fitness post. Check back next week to read on my progress!

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