Friday Fitness #4 – Stuck

Hello! Welcome to the fourth week of my Friday Fitness blog posts.

As a part of my blog and my IB Personal Project, I wanted to focus on leading a healthier life, both physically and emotionally. I have always struggled in these aspects due to both self-negligence and just the factors around me. But I wanted that to CHANGE with this project.

This will catalog my progress over a series of 4-5 weeks. By no means am I expecting drastic change as I am not making drastic changes myself. Mostly, I am just looking to start something that will help me in the long term and keep myself motivated.

Read below on how my fourth week went and how I struggled to meet my goals.

The fourth week

What I did good on

To be quite honest, I did not do good on much this week. I suppose I did well when I actually worked out for once, and even then it was just simply running through my neighborhood. I’ve fallen in love with the feeling of your heart pumping as you run.

I also did eat fewer snacks and food as a whole this week. My portions were smaller, which is an accomplishment for me. I do like to savor big portions, but I held myself back and always halved what I originally put on my plate. I grilled some chicken with my dad this week on his new grill, and it was really yummy.

What I struggled with

Commitment, motivation, determination – you name it all. I didn’t go to the gym once this week, which is a major issue. The only real workout I completed was when I ran with my dog through the neighborhood. I don’t know why, but I just struggled so much with finding the strength to get up and go do what I needed to do. Netflix was definitely my best friend this week.

I feel very stuck in regards to my physical health journey. I know that you can’t get fit from just laying around and doing nothing, but at the same time, every cell in my body wants to do just that. I found myself savoring time with my dog and enjoying it much more than working out. My parents were also very busy this week, so it was hard to fit in a trip to the gym in our schedule.

What I want to improve on

Get back into the gym. I don’t know if the problem with my lack of motivation is that I am forcing myself to confine to the strict parameters of a harsh workout, or just if I am finding that I don’t like this. Whenever I don’t like something, I get very stubborn and try to avoid it as much as possible. I just need to get back into a better headspace and focus on my health.

What I am dropping

My Netflix subscription. Seriously, I need to start getting back on top of things.


I had a pretty unsuccessful week dealing with the plateau of my weight and a general lack of motivation for anything I wanted to go and accomplish. I squeezed in some cardio when I walked my dog, but that was it. I need to focus on getting back into things next week.

Thank you for reading my fourth Friday Fitness post. Check back next week to read on my progress!

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