Self-Care Sunday #5: 5 Products to Pamper Yourself

As another week comes to the end, we all look forward to the weekend to get some well-deserved alone time. Whether your week was action-packed or begrudgingly slow, you have the chance to kick back and relax.

But are you using your weekends to their maximum potential? Sunday’s offer a great opportunity for some self-care, but it is recommended to create a routine to utilize your time and maximize your personal care!

Pampering is such a timeless luxury enjoyed by anyone who is creative enough, but sometimes you need some things to help you. These are some of my favorite products to do so!

Disclaimer: These are products that I have tried myself. They might not work for you, so be careful! Also, NONE of my links are Amazon affiliate links. +

#1: Freeman Manuka Honey Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Price: $6.47 (Amazon)

This honey mask is sooooo good for resting and relaxing while you let your face recharge. The tea-tree oil works to purify your pores while the honey tightens them. Both of these key ingredients are considered essential (by some) in products that successfully fight acne. They work really well to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated.

I bought this mask from Ulta, I believe, but I haven’t seen it in a store since. It is an amazing face mask, and one of the only few that have ever worked on my skin. Background info: I have oily-combo skin, so this is perfect. I love it so much! Freeman masks are notoriously cheap as well, which is even more of a victory in my book!

#2: Linenspa All-Season White Down Alternative Quilted Comforter

Price: $29.99 (Amazon)

This bad boy feels like a cloud. It is one of the softest comforters I have ever seen. It is claimed to be designed for hotels, but I have never stayed in a hotel with a comforter as soft as this. It is truly amazing! My first night using it, I felt so warm and comfy, I slept like a baby. I never sleep like a baby – I’m a teenager after all. So this product is like a holy grail of mine right now!

This comforter is great for those with all types of quilts or duvets. It has hooks on the corners so your cover can contain the fluffiness of this beautiful comforter. When it arrives it is vacuum-sealed, but open it fast! Mine exploded out of the plastic because it was so fluffy, and I took my time opening it.

Also, wash it before use! It is suggested to be washed in cold-hot setting and tumble-dried on low. My only downside was that the tag on the comforter says not to use bleach, which can be a problem if you stain it. But other than that, this is the best comforter!

#3: Gel Socks

Price: $9.99 (Amazon)

I bought my gel socks from my local Walmart, and these things have done a beautiful justice to my feet. I have always struggled with dry feet, no matter how much I put a million different lotions on or exfoliated with different scrubs. The socks are lined with a gel material that’s packed with lotion and moisturizing lotions that nourish your feet. They do things that normal lotion and socks can’t.

A small warning, it will feel weird when you put them on for the first time. Ever seen videos of dog’s walking really wonky when you put little socks on their feet? You will feel like those dogs when you wear these. It takes getting used to, but its pretty fun to wear after a while. I recommend cleaning your feet lightly before putting them on, to make sure a minimal amount of dirt particles are floating around in your gel sock. You can wear them up to 5 times before they either become stinky or plainly useless, as all the moisturizing agents are used.

#4: Waterproof speaker

Price: $104.99 (, Cheaper option: $13.99 (Amazon)

I got my JBL Charge 3 for Christmas one year, and let me say this speaker has really changed my life in minor ways. I love music, I listen to it all the time, and this is the perfect companion for elevating the experience as you do anything really.

I mostly use my speaker in the shower to have my own mini-concerts on the third part of my international world tour as a pop singer – this speaker is that good. The bass is ridiculously great, and I have never turned it all the way up because I’m sure my ears would probably explode. You can take this anywhere – I take it to the beach, to the pool, to the dog park, to lacrosse practice. It is crazy good!

The cheaper option is for those who can’t afford the JBL or a similarly priced speaker. I understand the struggle. I am blessed to have gotten mine as a gift. This speaker does last a long time – I’ve had mine for two or three years now, and I use it every day. It’s also super battery efficient if you don’t use it for long periods of time, even to this day.

#5: Contoured Sleep Mask

Price: $12.99 (Amazon)

I love sleep masks, but I HATE the little pieces of light that just barely breakthrough into your line of sight and ruin the experience of the complete shutout of light. I usually take naps after school, so light is a big intruder with most sleep masks. Thankfully, I found this from a Buzzfeed article and decided to purchase to put an end to the little rays of light that intrude upon my sleep.

When I got this, and I tried this for the first time, I was astonished by how well I slept. It really did block out every bit of light, and fit my face really well. I have a large head, so I was relieved and surprised that the band was as stretchy as it is. Normal sleep masks also slip off my head during the night, but this one stayed on so well! I couldn’t find my alarm clock to turn it off the next morning. It is really comfy and doesn’t chafe against your eyes when you lay down. This is the best eye mask I’ve ever used!

Thanks for reading my recommendations for products to help pamper yourself. These products can help bring back the peace and relaxation your Sundays are lacking. I love these products, and hopefully, you love them too!

– Anj ♡

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