Friday Fitness #5 – FINAL

Welcome back to my Friday Fitness blog series!

As a part of my blog and my IB Personal Project, I wanted to focus on leading a healthier life, both physically and emotionally. I have always struggled in these aspects due to both self-negligence and just the factors around me. But I wanted that to CHANGE with this project.

This will catalog my progress over a series of 4-5 weeks. By no means am I expecting drastic change as I am not making drastic changes myself? Mostly, I am just looking to start something that will help me in the long term and keep myself motivated.

Read below on how my final week went and the end results of my five-week journey.

The final week

What I did good on

I actually did make it back into the gym for the first time in around two weeks. After the struggle with my lack of energy last week, I am really proud. I took it really easy, and only did cardio on the treadmill and Stairmaster for the three days I went. My workouts felt really good, and I have come to realize I may have struggled with working out in public. While I was still on the treadmill in public, I found it to be a lot less stressful running on it than working out on the main floor.

Again, I also did really well with my food! This is a very big accomplishment for me as I have always struggled with over-eating/binge eating as a result of my depression and stress I’ve faced from school. I, like many others, had turned to food for comfort. But this week, I greatly improved on keeping my sizes small and moderating the junk food I ate! I’m very proud of my progress this week.

What I struggled with

Going to the gym/working out. While I did return this week, I still struggled heavily with actually getting the motivation to go in the first place. I just find it hard. I lack the self-discipline, I always have, no matter how much I try. I managed to actually pull myself up and go this week, albeit begrudgingly. While I still struggle to find a solid workout routine that works for me, I am optimistic and ready to continue.

What I want to improve on

I want to keep

What I am dropping

Pressuring myself into losing weight and actually going to the gym to work out. I think a part of why I am hesitant to actually get up and complete a workout is because I am disappointed when I don’t see immediate progress. I am an impatient person, so even though I try not to let it get to me, it does. I know these things take time, and that’s ok! I am going to drop the mindset of thinking that I need to work out to lose weight and view it as something like a hobby or a medical prescription. Or just not label it at all.

I also am thinking about canceling my gym subscription. While I do like the treadmill and Stairmaster machines, and access to the weight machines and free weights, I think a gym environment is not the right place for me. I always end up feeling like I am getting judged by someone across the room, even though I know I am not. The subconscious thoughts just really get to me and stress me out, making it far worse for my health than just working out at home. This will be one thing to consider as I continue on after these 5 weeks.

Progress pic!

I haven’t been able to give weekly progress pics because my parents are very strict and regulate what I publish online. However, enjoy this one pic of me at the end of the 5 weeks! I am really proud and looking forward to more.


I am so glad I chose this as my Personal Project! I had a lot of fun, and I learned a lot about my body and myself during the past 5 weeks. While I originally did start this project to lose weight, it has instead transformed into me working on becoming physically healthy in general, regardless of weight loss.

I definitely struggled a lot with a lack of energy and motivation, and now I know I need to focus on making fitness a fun thing that I can enjoy, otherwise I will never do it. As my dog grows, perhaps I can focus on getting cardio on long walks with her. I am also looking forward to researching home workouts and trying quick exercises in the morning or after I get home from school.

Another part of this project I am grateful for is that it changed the way I eat. Before I used to overeat and binge eat a lot. I have reduced the number of times I give into urges, and also notice eating smaller portions. While I used to still feel hungry even after I ate, my body is adjusting to the smaller sizes and I find many of them very adequate to last me a whole day, or until the next meal. This was a major concern in my life and my physical health, and hopefully, it can reduce the risk of adverse health effects when I get older.

Thank you for reading about my 5-week fitness journey! There will sadly be no more Friday Fitness posts. However, you can still read my other series and various blog posts that I will be posting with time.

Thank you so much for following along!


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