Self-Care Sunday #6: 3 Hobbies That Can Help You Relax

As another week comes to the end, we all look forward to the weekend to get some well-deserved alone time. Whether your week was action-packed or begrudgingly slow, you have the chance to kick back and relax.

But are you using your weekends to their maximum potential? Sunday’s offer a great opportunity for some self-care, but it is recommended to create a routine to utilize your time and maximize your personal care!

Hobbies can establish a sense of normalcy to your life that gives you needed the balance that can bring you to a better state of mind. Many people, unfortunately, don’t know where to start. But I am here to share 3 of my favorite hobbies that I like to do, which can hopefully help you too!

Disclaimer: These are some of the hobbies that I enjoy! However, I am not skilled at all of them, so I do not know what they all fully entail – beware!

Embroidery/Sewing/Knitting (anything with needles)

Photo by Fleur on Unsplash

These are one of the few hobbies of mine that I am just recently getting into. I follow a lot of different art pages on my Instagram, and many of them post these astonishingly beautiful embroidered crosshatches or masterfully sewn quilts. I decided one afternoon I was going to pick it up, and ordered an embroidery kit from Amazon.

I only used it once, but besides that, it was a really relaxing experience that took away from a lot of the stress of learning something for the first time. This hobby takes practice to learn, like, lots of practice, so it is a worthwhile thing to pick up if you find it interesting enough to work on every Sunday (or during the week).

While I haven’t tried sewing or knitting, I know and heard many people say it is equally relaxing and addicting once you learn it. It is a simple hobby that enhances your fine motor movement as you work and allows you to create amazing pieces with enough time. It is fun and worth to pick up!


Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash

When you think of growing plants, a lot of people are turned off at the thought of dirt and the uncleanliness associated with it. But gardening is so much more than that!

Most of the time, gardening only requires you to get your hands really dirty one time. If you are growing a potted plant, you might be required to transfer the plant in between pots as you grow. But other plants are great for sticking in the ground once and then leaving them alone, besides when you have to water them. Just like humans, plants take time to grow, and it can be therapeutic to just go out and water them every day, or plant them when you want! You can grow your own produce in-between seasons, or try your hand at blooming flowers – the options are unlimited!

I tried my hand at gardening when I planted an avocado tree for my mom. My dad helped me dig the hole for it, but I planted it myself and put the dirt back. It’s so fun to take a little time out of my day to go outside and water the tree with my dog. I also have a small potted lavender plant, and even though it’s struggling right now still love it deeply. I want to do more gardening in the future!


Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and is widely known to be meditative in itself. There are many different types of yogas from cultures around the world to help you with different things, but the important thing is that it helps you relax. Truly relax. Yoga can help you relieve your muscles of all the tension from the week and cleanse your soul of negative energies.

I tried yoga at the beginning of this year in an effort to stay healthy and keep my mind clear. It helps so much with clearing all the tensions of the week and feeling more relaxed and restored. I thought yoga was almost nonsense when I first started it, thinking nothing could be that meditative. But it really is! I am still using basic yoga poses for beginners, but you can learn far more advanced ones if you like it enough.

Beware, there are some “yoga horror stories” where people can severely injure themselves from doing various poses. Do your research and consult your doctor with any concerns about your health capability before attempting it!

Thanks for reading about the three hobbies that help me relax and restore my peace of mind after long weeks. I hope you found a new or interesting hobby that you would like to try. If I can do some of these, you can too!

– Anj ♡

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